People thinking through the box
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Welcome to Passwall!

As we are asked questions, we will compose a list of Frequently Asked Questions and corresponding answers.

  • Why did you choose the name Passwall?
      Our official statement on this goes is this:
      • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Arthur C. Clarke - The Lost Worlds of 2001
      • Passwall is a name given to a bit of "magic" that was thought to cause walls to disappear, allowing a traveler to pass through them.
      • We eliminate walls and roadblocks keeping other people from creating solutions.
      • Our solutions are the modern day Passwall.

      However, a few of us think the name just sounds cool.

      For a more detailed description from our CEO, check out the background story.

  • Is/are this/these domain(s) for sale?
    • No. Even if it/they was/were for sale, you could not afford the cost.

  • Why are your web pages so grey?
    • Our web pages are grey for several reasons:
      • It allows the occasional use of colors to emphasize important items on each page.
      • Two words, "grey matter"
      • Not all things are as absolute as black and white. Many things exist somewhere between black and white as a shade of grey.

  • Why don't you change your web content very often?
    • Web design is not our primary focus.

  • Why don't you list your employees names?
    • Privacy

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People thinking through the box
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