People thinking through the box
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Welcome to Passwall!

As we are asked questions, we will compose a list of Frequently Asked Questions and corresponding answers.

  • Why did you choose the name Passwall?
    • Our official statement on this goes is this:
      • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Arthur C. Clarke - The Lost Worlds of 2001
      • Passwall is a name given to a bit of "magic" that was thought to cause walls to disappear, allowing a traveler to pass through them.
      • We eliminate walls and roadblocks keeping other people from creating solutions.
      • Our solutions are the modern day Passwall.

      However, a few of us think the name just sounds cool.

      For a more detailed description from our CEO, check out the background story.

  • Is/are this/these domain(s) for sale?
    • No. Even if it/they was/were for sale, you could not afford the cost.

  • Why are your web pages so grey?
    • Our web pages are grey for several reasons:
      • It allows the occasional use of colors to emphasize important items on each page.
      • Two words, "grey matter"
      • Not all things are as absolute as black and white. Many things exist somewhere between black and white as a shade of grey.

  • Why don't you change your web content very often?
    • Web design is not our primary focus.

  • Why don't you list your employees names?
    • Privacy

  • What about the GDPR and your users?
    • GDPR does not apply: "Your company is service provider based outside the EU. It provides services to customers outside the EU. Its clients can use its services when they travel to other countries, including within the EU. Provided your company doesn't specifically target its services at individuals in the EU, it is not subject to the rules of the GDPR."

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People thinking through the box
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